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Early Symptom Intervention

What is an Early Symptom Intervention?

Early Symptom Intervention, ESI, is a program designed to help improve the employee’s health by focusing onalleviating the first signs of musculoskeletal discomforts. Based on OSHA guidelines, the ESI program uses ice, heat,massage, non-rigid support, and education to address conditions, including but not limited to sprains and strains, muscletightness, soreness and fatigue. ESI can be provided at one of our clinics or on-site with an employer

What are the benefits of ESI in the occupational setting?

  • First aid level care that is non-recordable
  • Improving the worker’s health and comfort
  • Opportunity for early identification of overuse injuries


The financial impact of lost productivity after a work injury often surpasses the cost of direct medical care. Our primary goal is to help prevent injuries from happening on the job. If an injury does occur, our goal is then focused on helping the injured worker return to their productive and fulfilling work and personal life.